Perfect Day

If I could play hookie instead of going to class so close to mid terms, I would skip my Art of the 20th century class. Oh the things I would do that day. Well obviously I would, in turn, skip both my other classes that day, and start the day off right with a pipe, and some coffee. From there I would get in my car and pick up all my buddies and head to Las Vegas. My goal in Vegas would be to create as much fear and loathing as I could while there, not to mention getting drunk. Since this is a fantasy, money is not an object. Therefore I would go to the Encore and hit up the club there, as well as get a yardstick drink it while walking the strip. Once it turned night time things would get crazy. Me and my buddies would meet some hot chicks and invite them to the club. Any club would work fine. Party at the club all night, and watch the sunrise from the hot tub of the hotel pool. At 8am we would pack up and head home in time for dinner.

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