Perfect Age

Im gonna have to say the perfect age is 25. You at this point in your life you have the world at your fingertips. You are old enough to do everything, and have had four years of this experience, so you know what you are doing. You’re not so young that you are new to the bar scene and you are not so old that you should be moving out of the bar scene. You are at that perfect stage of ripeness, where you are still considered young, but old enough to be taken seriously by most elders. This is the time when the iron of you life is red hot and you must strike and mold the adult you that will form in your early thirties. You body is about to slow to a plateau that you have to coast on down from that time on. Hopefully by 25 you’ve learned a few things about living and how to take care of all of life’s BS you have to deal with. This is at least what car insurance companies believe because you then receive reduced car insurance. Holla!
I feel like when youre 25 its perfectly acceptable to be a responsible adult and still party hard. After that it starts becoming less and less acceptable. It’s like, ok you’ve had four years of legal drinking, not to mention and high school, and college. It’s time to get your act together. Who knows if this is true. Guess I’ll see what happens when I hit 25 and am in no way ready to settle down. If I have my life in order by 25 I think I will deserve to party for being such a young go getter. That’s what I’ll tell people at least. When people read this, I wonder if they picture me as a party animal. That’s what I would think anyway. I would say this is only half true. I don’t go out all the time by any means, but when I do I drink Dos Equis and I do it right.
I think your 20s are the prime of your life, so every year until 25 will be better, then it will depend on how 25-30 goes to determine the rest of my life.

One thought on “Perfect Age

  1. That’s a perfect description of 25!! Agree with every single sentence!!
    Only other thing is that you should be able to hold everything you have learnt till then. If not, sooner or later, something will hit you so hard that won’t let you keep all the lessons you’ve learnt. I might not be correct, but I feel one should have completed that cycle of forget and go back to where you’ve always come from by 25.

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