Halloween is the day before All Saints Day, or Hallows Eve. The evening before the day of the hallow or sacred. I always forget that hallow means holy, but I guess it makes sense when you hear “this is hallowed ground,” in a movie or something. It’s weird to think about the holiday being about all the evil spirits going crazy and having a party before the holy day for the saints. It probably came about because the religious people wanted an excuse to get wasted before they had to do all this sacred stuff. Now its just become the best party holiday for children, especially boys, of ALL ages. When you’re a kid, it’s like the world saying here’s free money! Just go ask you neighbors! Especially for me because all I ever spent my money on was candy. Afterword I would have to hide that shit so well or my brothers would jack all the good kinds of candy and all I’d be left with is dark chocolate, and double bubble. I like gum but when I want halloween candy I want something I can eat! Not something that I chew mindlessly until my jaw aches.
Once you get too old to trick or treat you are rewarded with puberty and developed women. Instead of getting food candy you get eye candy. It seems like a man thought of the idea to make sexy costumes for women to where as they outgrow trick or treating. He found the way to keep people interested in halloween after their candy phase. This could also be because halloween is one of the few holidays you aren’t expected to spend with your family. This allows for all sorts of shenanigans to go down. That is why halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

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