There are lots of things that I advocate. Publicly, I support things like public art, music, and legalizing marijuana. I believe all these things are important to our society. The way our culture is moving, people are realizing the fallacies we’ve been told about marijuana ruining lives and killing people. In truth, the plant itself is very useful. Not only does it grow in abundance, but it can be used to make tons of stuff like paper, rope, and cloth. On top of that you can ingest it by eating it or smoking it. If you eat it the residual effects are not harmful to the body. The only harmful effects it gives is damage to the lungs if you smoke it, and slight paranoia if you aren’t used to the feeling. To overdose on marijuana, you have to smoke about a third of your body weight. Good thing that anyone who would attempt this would surely fall asleep long before reaching this goal. The positive effects are stress and pain relief, increase of appetite, and general happiness. These can lead to laziness, and apathy, however so can overeating, and many other things we do naturally. Are we going to start telling people how much or little they can eat? Of course not, so why can’t we choose what else goes in our bodies? Of course not. On top of that it’s not physically addictive. That means if you quit cold turkey, your body wont go through withdrawal symptoms like with every other substance. The most that might happen, is you might lose a bit of appetite for a few days. You may feel that you need it, but that is simply mental addiction with no physical harm to the body. Proof of this is that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, stays in your system for months. This is because the body does not see it as harmful. Where as alcohol leaves the system within three days, because the body is working to get rid of all that bad stuff.
On the reverse side, alcohol has been legal all over the world since its creation, save for the prohibition era. Alcohol is the only substance that a person can be come so dependent on that they can die from quitting cold turkey. Often times strong alcoholics need to wane off of it slowly or their body will shut down. Yet we sell this at bars, stores, and restaurants everywhere. 75,000 US deaths a year are linked to alcohol. Drunk driving is the highest killer of teen drivers in America. All these statistics and information show how horrible a substance this is for the body (when used in excess) yet it’s one of the only legal substances we have in the world. Rarely do you hear of weed related car accidents, because when someone is too high to drive, they are more than likely too high to do anything other than sitting around the house. People can be blacked out drunk and still be awake and full of energy to make all kinds of bad decisions. Why is it that we promote and glorify something that kills thousands of people and ruins lives? Yet we look down on and shun something that grows naturally, has many uses, and is virtually impossible to die from. It probably all started when the paper companies put out smear campaigns against marijuana and hemp because it stood to replace trees as a cheaper and more renewable resource for paper. Corruption is everywhere, and when the powerful stand to lose their position, the little guy gets shat on. For this reason I will always advocate legal marijuana. I look forward to the way things are changing in America and hopefully someday it will be used to it’s fullest potential.

One thought on “Advocate

  1. Great post Monkey, there are so many good reasons to legalize yet not a valid one to maintain prohibition. It will take those of us willing to stand up and speak out against the ravenous beast of cannabis prohibition to finally put it down so that people can live their lives in peace.

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