When we are born into this world in any modernized country, we are also born into a system. We are issued a social security number, our feet and hand prints are recorded, and we become a part of the grand system of modern society. We have no control of choosing to be part of it or not. We simply grow up in a place were we exchange metal and printed paper for goods and services, and our base animal needs are practically a thing of the past. We no longer need to spend all day hunting or gathering just so we can have food to fill our stomachs. Instead we job hunt. Once we find a job we must periodically visit it to attain our bi weekly ration of currency which we use to exchange for our tools for survival, ie. food, clothing, shelter, and so on. This has allowed us to spend our other time doing things like exploring or creating or playing video games. This is one advantage of being in the system.

As humans I believe we are always trying to create the best world for ourselves. As we continue on this journey we have come to learn that the natural world around us already has set the example of what we need. For instance money in an economy shares many similarities to energy in our universe. When something needs to get done it takes money from one or many sources to achieve the goal. The same is true in the natural world. Energy is gathered and pooled to make things happen. We have learn from plants that the sun has tons of energy we can harness, and are creating more sustainable ways to continue growing.
Fractal geometry has taught us how we can replicate nature in computer generated simulations and that there is a pattern to life. We have shoes that replicate a human foot because the foot is already the perfect design. It seems the further we advance the more we replicate what nature has had all along. This is where I hope our future leads. However we know humans to be innately flawed, and so our created world will never be as perfect as the natural world. As long as humans are in charge of the system we live in there are bound to be problems. This does not mean we can’t try. So long as we fight to keep out corruption and strive to attain a unified goal, the human experiment way one day attain perfection.

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