Oil on Canvas
158cm x 100cm

Here we can see the faces of two people, painted in contrasting colors of red and green and facing away from each other. The lines dividing them are in an asymmetric diagonal zigzag pattern symbolizing a tear as well as sharp points or teeth aimed toward each other. This was inspired by a feud in my own family that was not reconciled until one of the people involved was on their deathbed. It’s a reminder to myself and others of the futility of holding grudges.

在这幅作品中我们可以看到两人的脸,分别使用红色和绿色的对比色呈现,并且彼此背对。 分割它们的线是不对称的对角锯齿形图案,象征着不和以及背后的泪水。灵感来自作者长期分裂的家庭。

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