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Sketchbook/Concept Art


When I look back on this year I think about how fast it went by. It seemed like only yesterday I was making my new years revolution. A lot of things happened this year. I turned 21 which was one of the biggest things that happened. Too bad I’m too poor to make much use of the bars. Over the summer I went to Vegas for the second time, but it may as well have been the first since this time I could actually participate in all Vegas has to offer. While there I got to chill at the pool next to Floyd Maywether, and party at the Marquee in the Cosmopolitan. Pretty amazing trip. After that I made the trip to San Bernadino for the Nocturnal Music Festival. After two days of mind blowing music I returned to the real world as I got a speeding ticket just outside of Blythe. Let this be a warning to anyone going over 100 on the I 10 East. Even if everyone else is going 90-95 don’t go over 100 mph because you might have to return to Blythe to receive a 900 dollar ticket. No joke, be careful out there. Since then life’s been a bit chaotic, but I’m getting my ducks back in their row. With the onset of 2012 I look forward to a new beginning. One with no police trouble and good grades abounding. I feel like if the world doesn’t end in 2012, people will finally shut up about Nostradamus and the Aztecs and get productive. Maybe we will see second wind in the lungs of the world that leads to a new era. Either way I’m ready to put 2011 behind and see what 2012 has in store.


When we are born into this world in any modernized country, we are also born into a system. We are issued a social security number, our feet and hand prints are recorded, and we become a part of the grand system of modern society. We have no control of choosing to be part of it or not. We simply grow up in a place were we exchange metal and printed paper for goods and services, and our base animal needs are practically a thing of the past. We no longer need to spend all day hunting or gathering just so we can have food to fill our stomachs. Instead we job hunt. Once we find a job we must periodically visit it to attain our bi weekly ration of currency which we use to exchange for our tools for survival, ie. food, clothing, shelter, and so on. This has allowed us to spend our other time doing things like exploring or creating or playing video games. This is one advantage of being in the system.

As humans I believe we are always trying to create the best world for ourselves. As we continue on this journey we have come to learn that the natural world around us already has set the example of what we need. For instance money in an economy shares many similarities to energy in our universe. When something needs to get done it takes money from one or many sources to achieve the goal. The same is true in the natural world. Energy is gathered and pooled to make things happen. We have learn from plants that the sun has tons of energy we can harness, and are creating more sustainable ways to continue growing.
Fractal geometry has taught us how we can replicate nature in computer generated simulations and that there is a pattern to life. We have shoes that replicate a human foot because the foot is already the perfect design. It seems the further we advance the more we replicate what nature has had all along. This is where I hope our future leads. However we know humans to be innately flawed, and so our created world will never be as perfect as the natural world. As long as humans are in charge of the system we live in there are bound to be problems. This does not mean we can’t try. So long as we fight to keep out corruption and strive to attain a unified goal, the human experiment way one day attain perfection.


There are lots of things that I advocate. Publicly, I support things like public art, music, and legalizing marijuana. I believe all these things are important to our society. The way our culture is moving, people are realizing the fallacies we’ve been told about marijuana ruining lives and killing people. In truth, the plant itself is very useful. Not only does it grow in abundance, but it can be used to make tons of stuff like paper, rope, and cloth. On top of that you can ingest it by eating it or smoking it. If you eat it the residual effects are not harmful to the body. The only harmful effects it gives is damage to the lungs if you smoke it, and slight paranoia if you aren’t used to the feeling. To overdose on marijuana, you have to smoke about a third of your body weight. Good thing that anyone who would attempt this would surely fall asleep long before reaching this goal. The positive effects are stress and pain relief, increase of appetite, and general happiness. These can lead to laziness, and apathy, however so can overeating, and many other things we do naturally. Are we going to start telling people how much or little they can eat? Of course not, so why can’t we choose what else goes in our bodies? Of course not. On top of that it’s not physically addictive. That means if you quit cold turkey, your body wont go through withdrawal symptoms like with every other substance. The most that might happen, is you might lose a bit of appetite for a few days. You may feel that you need it, but that is simply mental addiction with no physical harm to the body. Proof of this is that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, stays in your system for months. This is because the body does not see it as harmful. Where as alcohol leaves the system within three days, because the body is working to get rid of all that bad stuff.
On the reverse side, alcohol has been legal all over the world since its creation, save for the prohibition era. Alcohol is the only substance that a person can be come so dependent on that they can die from quitting cold turkey. Often times strong alcoholics need to wane off of it slowly or their body will shut down. Yet we sell this at bars, stores, and restaurants everywhere. 75,000 US deaths a year are linked to alcohol. Drunk driving is the highest killer of teen drivers in America. All these statistics and information show how horrible a substance this is for the body (when used in excess) yet it’s one of the only legal substances we have in the world. Rarely do you hear of weed related car accidents, because when someone is too high to drive, they are more than likely too high to do anything other than sitting around the house. People can be blacked out drunk and still be awake and full of energy to make all kinds of bad decisions. Why is it that we promote and glorify something that kills thousands of people and ruins lives? Yet we look down on and shun something that grows naturally, has many uses, and is virtually impossible to die from. It probably all started when the paper companies put out smear campaigns against marijuana and hemp because it stood to replace trees as a cheaper and more renewable resource for paper. Corruption is everywhere, and when the powerful stand to lose their position, the little guy gets shat on. For this reason I will always advocate legal marijuana. I look forward to the way things are changing in America and hopefully someday it will be used to it’s fullest potential.

Deja Vu

Deja vu is a curious thing. If you see it in the Matrix it means agents changed something. If it happens in real life you feel like you’re remembering a dream and creep your friends out as you stare blankly in amazement of your five second omniscience. Then you realize its deja vu, but when you tell them they’re never share your enthusiasm. Nostalgia is like deja vu on a lower scale, or like a baby deja vu. I get baby deja vu all the time while playing the new Elder Scrolls game Skyrim. It harkens back to a time when the X box 360 just came out and the best RPG around was Oblivion (the prequel.) Skyrim has everything you came to love about Oblivion, but more so. The graphics are sick, and the fighting is way better looking and feeling. If you’ve played Oblivion you know about those damn gates that pop up all over the map. Eventually they get super annoying. In Skyrim, there’s no gates, but there are dragons. These dragons basically fly around and while your walking alone might just choose to fuck your day up. If you kill them you get their soul with which you buy “Shouts” which are like super abilities that make your character even more badass. I just got it so thats about all I know so far. I also know that I will be getting deja vu of spending many an hour doing random BS in this game as I did in the previous one. See I tied it all back together there.


Halloween is the day before All Saints Day, or Hallows Eve. The evening before the day of the hallow or sacred. I always forget that hallow means holy, but I guess it makes sense when you hear “this is hallowed ground,” in a movie or something. It’s weird to think about the holiday being about all the evil spirits going crazy and having a party before the holy day for the saints. It probably came about because the religious people wanted an excuse to get wasted before they had to do all this sacred stuff. Now its just become the best party holiday for children, especially boys, of ALL ages. When you’re a kid, it’s like the world saying here’s free money! Just go ask you neighbors! Especially for me because all I ever spent my money on was candy. Afterword I would have to hide that shit so well or my brothers would jack all the good kinds of candy and all I’d be left with is dark chocolate, and double bubble. I like gum but when I want halloween candy I want something I can eat! Not something that I chew mindlessly until my jaw aches.
Once you get too old to trick or treat you are rewarded with puberty and developed women. Instead of getting food candy you get eye candy. It seems like a man thought of the idea to make sexy costumes for women to where as they outgrow trick or treating. He found the way to keep people interested in halloween after their candy phase. This could also be because halloween is one of the few holidays you aren’t expected to spend with your family. This allows for all sorts of shenanigans to go down. That is why halloween is one of my favorite holidays.


My hero or in this case heroS, are most definitely my older brothers. Being the youngest of four boys, I’ve had the blessing of learning from all my brothers mistakes. I’ve learned, how to somewhat handle my money better, what steps to take in college, and how moderate my partying to be both awesome and safe. Not to say that my brothers have failed in these things, but there have definitely been some bad things I’ve avoided thanks to them. They are six and eight years older than me. The middle two are twins.

Since I’m a bit younger than them, I got alot of opportunities they didn’t when I was young, which I feel makes me a better person today. For instance, I got to stay up a bit later than them. My oldest brother used to watch Star Trek (The Next Generation of course) which came on at 9:00pm, my bed time. However I usually could stay up and hang out to watch most episodes, since my bro would fight for me. Also sometimes I would go to bed and wait for my parents to fall asleep before heading back to the game room with the brothers. When I was 14 I went to my first college party, and drank my first drink, which I think was a wine cooler HAHA. I suppose I got away with a lot from my parents. You may think this made me spoiled, but I assure you the twin brothers saw fit to keep me humble. If you’ve seen the movie 300, you may remember how they take the kids and train them at a young age in Sparta. That was my house. It didn’t matter what I was doing, or if I wanted to or not, my brothers would take me and “train me” wrestling moves all the time. If it wasn’t that, it was working out, or they’d just fuck with me to satisfy their older brother syndrome. Even though I resented them at times for it when I was younger, it forged me into a State Champion wrestler, and kept me in shape throughout my childhood.

My oldest brother and the twins have quite different interests. This I feel helped make me a well rounded person. Me and my oldest brother were all about the video games and anime when I was little. We spent so much time watching Dragon Ball Z it was disgusting, but also some of best times in my youth. We always nerd out together on new games and such. The twins were both very athletic and artistic. They showed me how to draw a typical buff guy when I was little which started me on the path for the rest of my life. With out them, who knows if I would have ever started drawing. Other than this, all my brothers gave me tons of advice on girls and friends, as well as how to dress, and basically be a badass like them. We all love to make funny short films which gives us all a very similar sense of humor. I’m so blessed to have such awesome older brothers, that helped raise me to be who I am today. Our relationship is like none other that I have, and they’ll always be my heroes.

Perfect Age

Im gonna have to say the perfect age is 25. You at this point in your life you have the world at your fingertips. You are old enough to do everything, and have had four years of this experience, so you know what you are doing. You’re not so young that you are new to the bar scene and you are not so old that you should be moving out of the bar scene. You are at that perfect stage of ripeness, where you are still considered young, but old enough to be taken seriously by most elders. This is the time when the iron of you life is red hot and you must strike and mold the adult you that will form in your early thirties. You body is about to slow to a plateau that you have to coast on down from that time on. Hopefully by 25 you’ve learned a few things about living and how to take care of all of life’s BS you have to deal with. This is at least what car insurance companies believe because you then receive reduced car insurance. Holla!
I feel like when youre 25 its perfectly acceptable to be a responsible adult and still party hard. After that it starts becoming less and less acceptable. It’s like, ok you’ve had four years of legal drinking, not to mention and high school, and college. It’s time to get your act together. Who knows if this is true. Guess I’ll see what happens when I hit 25 and am in no way ready to settle down. If I have my life in order by 25 I think I will deserve to party for being such a young go getter. That’s what I’ll tell people at least. When people read this, I wonder if they picture me as a party animal. That’s what I would think anyway. I would say this is only half true. I don’t go out all the time by any means, but when I do I drink Dos Equis and I do it right.
I think your 20s are the prime of your life, so every year until 25 will be better, then it will depend on how 25-30 goes to determine the rest of my life.

Perfect Day

If I could play hookie instead of going to class so close to mid terms, I would skip my Art of the 20th century class. Oh the things I would do that day. Well obviously I would, in turn, skip both my other classes that day, and start the day off right with a pipe, and some coffee. From there I would get in my car and pick up all my buddies and head to Las Vegas. My goal in Vegas would be to create as much fear and loathing as I could while there, not to mention getting drunk. Since this is a fantasy, money is not an object. Therefore I would go to the Encore and hit up the club there, as well as get a yardstick drink it while walking the strip. Once it turned night time things would get crazy. Me and my buddies would meet some hot chicks and invite them to the club. Any club would work fine. Party at the club all night, and watch the sunrise from the hot tub of the hotel pool. At 8am we would pack up and head home in time for dinner.