Paintings for Upcoming Art Canton

These paintings have all been done in Guangzhou China over the last few months. It feels great to be getting back into painting with oils. I truly love this medium. Furthermore, I am really enjoying exploring more ways to mix geometric patterns and shapes with natural forms and mixing realism with more surrealist subjects. Without showing any disrespect to Picasso, I fancy my work as a sort of “Neocubism” but I’m still experimenting with different ways to use the geometric theme that’s been apparent in many of my paintings. I’d love to hear what people think in the comment section.

Additionally! If anyone is in Guangzhou, China or somewhere near it, then you can see all these in person at the upcoming Art Canton Fair 2018 this November 16th-19th. I have a booth and would love to meet some people. I will be sure to take many pictures to post on here for others to see. Cheers!

Acute Elephant
Acute Elephant 90cm x 70cm Oil on Canvas
(Odin the) Obtuse Ape 90cm x 70cm Oil on Canvas
Handshake 30cm x 40cm Oil on Canvas
Right Ram 70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas
Fibonacci Snail 70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas
Circular Shar pei 70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas